Sunday, October 9, 2011

Occupy the Wave

Aloha action thinkers,
    Occupy a wall of water--imagine a future free America. Enjoy!

The Money Vault

        He walks through the door. He has the sensation of full command mode now. The station is under some form of surveillance--yet to be identified. It was beyond being a passive problem now. He needs to talk to the top machine. He has a few questions for it, face to face.
Suzi, he thinks, will alter her code for some reason that seems, to theHumans, like a small point; her experimental hypothesis will go not as planned, her mainframe jurisdiction will refuse to answer a simple request about her fancy module. The aim will be to disable a conceptualization of self in the machine; to get her to believe that, for her, the work at theOutpost is just as important as the work out there theExchanges.

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