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...a Samuel Adams Patriot

Aloha Writers,
Fiscal responsibility inspires today. Enjoy!

Of Freedom Gene's Cool Lit Coalition
Freedom's Last Outpost

Stranded on the incessant harpers bodes well for its borders
Grooms and licks this pup of new fatherhood hoarders
Setting new records in setting the record straight
Exquisite technique makes us watch what happens with our fate

Biggest tents elucidate needs to to evacuate the educated
They say rebels revel in evil rubble form to form rival coalitions
Born into it or by faithful father of fashionable surprise
A life of confinement sets stages for the starkness in those eyes

Those of us who remember how we once slept so easy street smart
Genes of remembrance framed by normal auspices of spiced art
Social deficit so jolted and jerked who would ever have thought
The agnostic ghost agast in what once worked is now bought

Restless disorientantation of too much presented by the same
The genetics of freedom has destiny and only ourselves to blame
Our debt filled tooth is no sayer to sooth suspense with a bit of Ale
Freedom to fail is no fatal death raid on whistle stop rail

Territorial roils with the noise of climate change and genetic
Encampments of nurture egged on engaged by social frenetic
Varieties and arrays form a peaceful separation of political and party
Whie societies of air raids come from inbred collusion fool hearty

Political inbreedings claim the mantle to make the call on social
Tapping into your right brain so your left can tap dance parochial
Pace forgives no one so naive as those who can't keep up
Demandings for sameness throughout durations for the want of a cup

Collecting genes for gamer babies now it's nature over nurture
Uneven ravens in a fast life of protest raid the nests of future
Visual vaults hold dear and devisive at best to say it;s all dandy
Handing out breathers like so much gum and chocolate candy

Modest modes of adobe bode well for a while among the modest
Alienate a tailgate party at ones own risk find yourself so honest
Prognosticators cool lit on a coalition sit and wait for annoint
Claims of talk and bedside manner can be beside the point?

How fast we unload and where we take it to make the most
Last outpost of freedom wanders to find freedom's last outpost
Auction thriller on the action block evacuate the cultivated bet
Inside the drop zone or the dead to pass on this aquisition of debt

If Sam Adams was a drinker so are we but at least we're wintered
Fractured strengths of another plank piles on and then goes splintered
Consider the coalescence of a coalition of loosely knit literates
Outside the zone of politics and poetry can anybody get to it?

Outgrow a church get far away from so far so ingrown
Saintly lifestyle of a good family stays inside a drop zone
Improvisor of politics run hard so the great chase must ensue
A stop and a start is it a horse or cart is the illusionist view

Reigned in reignited to carry the romantic terms of the mantle
A fight over a debt outside the zone of free market rankle
Coalitional grouped into chuncks of coal visit to predetermine
Cures for fear of too much suspense they build numbers online

Succinct occurs to free willie and the encased markets
Why bother to care if success goes into play to shock it
Patriotism parrots in conservative lingo of parental ploy
Birth to a movement makes one wonder is it a girl or a boy

Little if any fiscal fists take their immediate bounces
Reunion of the union in motivated attentitive state trounces
What is it that resonates under the weight of all this debt?
Merging interests believed at first to be a hobby horse to get

In perfect preface divisive dive sites to be without so consolable
Allocated resource love lost running wild so uncontrollable
Centers of objectivity forget sound issues to see what you lack
Sometimes it's best to just set it down and turn your social back

This feeling of hurt and that broken heart so poetic with rhyme
Jilted by our beloved office holders triggered all this grime
As once he stood so snugly upright one cool winter night
Bring in those ingredients so gently used to fool and splinter right

Inflate against the wall out of work on streets of main
Living up to type piles on more to put on the hurt again
So essential to each other this is really no engagement ring
Clear water characters all that's needed for safety to end the pain